Transport & Logistics

Our company provides breakthrough technology to support your operational excellence through data analysis.

Improved positioning

Goods will be tracked using newest multi-satellite constellation technology (GPS, & GLONASS) improving signal sensitivity and accuracy.

Just in time alerts

Don't wait until it is too late. Alerts can be configured to be sent by sms or email to someone who can fix a problem before your goods are completely ruined.

Data logging

Besides viewing real time position and data from sensors in our platform, it is possible to download, receive or send full reports in most common formats.

Integral service

We are not providing a single product, but a full service. We will take care of everything for you, so you can just focus in your core business.

Air freight represents 8% of annual shipments int terms of volume, but 35% in terms of value. This is just one more of the good reasons to guarantee the integrity chain of these goods during the shipping process.

Wimbag is leveling up the control that logistics companies have over the goods they manage. Now, it is possible to reduce in thousand of dollars the annual expense in insurances and compensations.

Transportation and storage of fine art, museum collections and artifacts.

Transportation of pharmaceutical and microbiological material, and cold chain keeping.

Ensure compliance with industry environmental, health and safety regulations for fresh food distribution and cold chain.