Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we will try to provide an answer to the most usual questions which could worry to our users.

Yes, each device can just control one suitcase at a time.

No. We don't use GPS technology since it is useless inside buildings, planes etc. We use other radio technologies to locate your luggage, although they're less precise than GPS, but it's more than enough to trustworthy say in which airport is your stuff.

To use Wimbag, you need an smartphone running Android or IOS. In order to receive also proximity alerts you'll need also a device with Bluetooth 4.0, but remaining features still work if you don't have this kind of Bluetooth.

First two months of data transmission are included. After that, if you are a really frequent traveller, you can pay 25€ for an annual suscription, or you can pay just when you need your device, 3€ for a whole month of data transmissions, working everywhere around the world.

No, you don't. Wimbag will work in all countries where GSM/GPRS technology is available. Currently most of the world.

No, you shouldn't have problems with airport security. Wimbag is completely "Safe to Fly". In fact, we are working together with several airlines to improve the services we are offering to you.

Don't worry, you'll receive an alert when battery charge is under 10%. In any case. We recommend to charge batteries before each flight.

No, there isn't. You have a 2 year warranty (normal device use). After that time you've to buy a new device in case of damage

You can check the position in real time in the App, and you'll receive a notification a few minutes after landing.

This might happen for several reasons. Check the last position and transmission time of your device, maybe it's still in the departure airport.

Maybe your luggage is still flying in a wrong plane. Don't worry, you'll be notified as soon as it lands. There are also other possibilities, such us the device is out of battery (we recommend to charge the device before each flight) or maybe the cellular network in your destination is not compatible with Wimbag SIM provider

It doesn't matter. In any case, we recommend you just let the device over your clothes before closing the luggage. Doing it that way, you'll for sure receive an alert in case somebody opens your bag.

The tracker weights less than 100g. and its dimensions are 80x60x15 mm.

No. Nobody can have information about your travel itinerary or positions. We don't even save records about your last positions. Everything is deleted after send the information to your phone.

Just one. Right know you can have several trackers linked to your smartphone, but just on smartphone can be linked to a tracker.