About us



Our vision is to make a significant impact in the number of annual misshandled luggages. We want to completely eradicate a problem that in fact shouldn't exist taking into account the technology that we have available nowadays. We wish to work together with airlines and travelers. We are not just selling an innovative gadget. We are taking travel experience to the next level.


Behind each client, there is a human being: Each one of them has different knowledge, different needs, different concerns.... Our mission is to listen to them and evolve until we exceed their expectations. Travelers are welcome to meet us, ask us, judge us and push us to the right way.


We love the idea of community. Without our users, we are nothing. We are working to create a community around our blog and social networks. We would like to share travel tips, experiences, anecdotes... Our networks are always opened in order to listen to you. You can share with us whatever you feel it can be useful to other avid travelers.


We believe in continuous improvement. We promise to evolve with the market to offer always updated equipments that incorporate the newest and most trustworthy technologies. We try to learn from our mistakes, offering each day a better service in order to allow our users to become proud carriers of our brand.

A few years ago, as travel lovers that we are, we noticed the great ammount of problems that misshandled luggage was cuasing. It was amazing that knowadays, problems like that still happen. We decided to use our knowledge and experience in tracking systems to provide to travelers a simple and useful solution.

It is time to bring to travelers of any part of the world some peace of mind. Now, they can focus in enjoying their travel. Now, we take care of their stuff.