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What is Wimbag?

Wimbag is a small personal tracker that will keep you unconcerned when travelling with valuable stuff in your luggage. You will know at every moment where are your bags but, in case the worst happens...

Wimbag redesign the concept of luggage tracker, being the first one on its class in process of being integrated with lost-luggage system of the main airlines. Forget about interrupting your travel with long waits to claim your baggage, just do it from the APP. We can't promise you won't lose your luggage, but we can guarantee you'll have it back.


Every year, over 26 million bags get lost around the world.
Don't give fate a single chance to ruin your travel.

Luggage location

Show position over the map

Opening alerts

In case of unauthorized openings

Auto flight - mode

Reconnects automatically after landing

Moving away alert

Don't let your stuff behind

Ultra low power

For long run:
Up to 5 days

Manage recovery

Directrly from your smartphone


Our tracker is the essence of latest technology combined with beauty of modern design and user experience.

100 decibels alarm

Make it sound from your smartphone

Bluetooth 4.0

Bluetooth will notify you
if your luggage gets away from you

Precision sensors

Temperature, humidity, impacts, opening...
Maximum information just in time.

Automatic upgrades

Your device will automatically download
new features when they are available

Receive alerts

Besides the APP, alerts can be
sent to you via email or sms

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